Universal Interaction plans, designs and builds poetical and intriguing ways of interaction with spatial and digital systems and services. Leaving behind the separation between hardware and software – creating seamless experiences that feel just right.

Prof. Andreas Muxel

Creative Director

After studying communication design and media art Andreas Muxel worked for several design agencies and research organizations. In his work he always looks for a poetical and engaging way of interaction with things, systems and services, regardless of whether they are hardware or software. Since 2013 he has been Professor of Interface / Interaction Design at the Köln International School of Design. His projects have been shown internationally (i.a. Ars Electronica Festival Linz, FILE Festival São Paulo, TodaysArt Festival Brussels) and awarded (i.a. Honorary Mention Prix Ars Electronica, VIDA Award, Share Prize).

Michael Jurisch

Physical Computing

Michael Jurisch is focussing his work on the subject of light and physical computing. He studied Design at KISD - Cologne. Due to his qualification as an industrial electronics technician, Michaels projects include not only creative tasks, but move around at the intersection between design and the various trades such as construction, electronics development, and technical concepts. Furthermore Michael is involved in teaching at the Köln International School of Design.

David Grieshammer

Senior Interaction Designer

David Grieshammer is focussing on Interaction and User Experience Design within the domain of automotive interfaces, medical systems and interactive applications. His priority is the conception, development and research within the area of interactive interfaces between User and Object, Objects serving as mediators and physical computing. Since 2013 he is involved in teaching at the KISD in cologne with the course "interactive design".

Michael Schmitz

Senior Generative Designer

Michael Schmitz is a generative designer and teacher. He studied visual communication at the Berlin University of the Arts and graduated in 2006 focusing on digital media. Since then he has worked freely and collaboratively for design agencies and clients alike.
His work combines design and programming with a conceptual way of thinking — creating generative, moving and interactive experiences.

Thomas Sulzbach

Senior Interaction Designer

Thomas Sulzbach is a specialist in the planning, conception, design and implementation of complex human-machine interfaces, based on a holistic and user centered design approach. His focus is to design and develop consistent and highly usable systems, with consideration towards aspects such as joy of use, user experience, styling and branding.
Thomas studied industrial design at the HFG Offenbach. For the last 10 years he was mainly involved in projects within the automotive industry.